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Company History – Timeline

BRANDS: Bailey (Ba), Birkett (Bi), Amal (Am), Marston (Ms), Marvac (Mv), Cash (Ca), AGI (AG), Whessoe (Wh)
COMPANIES: SSUK, IMI, Tyco (TFC), Pentair (PE)
OTHER: Whites Nunan (WN), Phelon & Moore (PM), Nobel Industries Limited (NI), Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI)

1832-Ba-John Bailey commences business with Cocker & Higgings (Salford), then Sharp, Roberts & Co. (Manchester)
1857-Ba-John Bailey establishes business in Albion Works, Oldfield Road
1859-Ms-John Marston establishes John Marston Ltd
1864-Bi-Samuel Birkett commences business in Carr Street, Cleckheaton
1865-Ba-William H Bailey inherits the company
1871-Ms-John Marston acquires Edward Perry & Son Ltd, renames it John Marston & Co Ltd
1883-WN-Thomas Henry White commences business in Regent Road, Salford, making injectors
1885-Ba-Works opened at Hall Bank, Patricroft
1894-Ba-William Bailey knighted by Queen Victoria
1900-PM-Jonah Phelon & Richard Moore commence motorcycle business
1913-Ba-Following William Bailey’s death, company name changed to Sir WH Bailey & Co Ltd
1914-Ba-Major reconstruction increases facilities at Patricroft site
1917-WN-Thomas Henry White establishes Whites Injectors Ltd
1919-Ms/NI-John Marston & Co Ltd becomes part of Nobel Industries Limited
1926-WN-Whites Injectors Ltd acquires British Hose & appliance Co and H Smethurst & Co to form Whites Engineering Co (Pendleton) Ltd
1927-Am-Amalgamated Carburetor Co (Amal) established as carburetor manufacturer in Birmingham
1927-NI/ICI-Nobel Industries Limited becomes Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI)
1930-WN-Whites Engineering Co (Pendleton) Ltd acquires Nunan & Stove Ltd
1940-Ba-Albion Works destroyed; production relocated to Patricroft
1945-WN-Whites Engineering Co (Pendleton) Ltd becomes Whites Nunan Ltd
1947-Ba-Offices opened in London
1952-Ms-Marston moves to current premises at Wobaston Road, Wolverhampton
1957-WN-Whites Nunan Ltd acquires new premises at Sharp Street, Worsley
1957-Bi-Samuel Birkett Ltd relocates to Heckmonwike
1962-ICI/IMI-Imperial Chemical Industries becomes Imperial Metal Industries Ltd
1966-Ba-Sir WH Bailey & Co Ltd becomes subsidiary of Yorkshire Imperial Metals Ltd
1966-PM-Phelon & Moore acquire Maxrate Motors to form Phelon & Moore (Engineers)
1967-Ba/WN-Sir WH Bailey & Co Ltd merges with Whites Nunan Ltd – head office transferred to Sharp Street; Patricroft retained as a foundry and manufacturing site.
1968-Ba-Sir WH Bailey & Co Ltd acquires Dukes & Briggs Engineering Co, Trafford Park, transfers work to Sharp St.
1968-Bi/PM-Samuel Birkett Ltd acquires Phelon & Moore (Engineers)
1969-Ba-Sir WH Bailey & Co Ltd acquires WM Ross Ltd, Glasgow, transfers work to Sharp St.
1970-Ba-Sir WH Bailey & Co Ltd acquires Elliott & Garrood Ltd, Beccles
1971-Ba/IMI-Sir WH Bailey & Co Ltd becomes direct subsidiary of IMI
1976-Mv-AG Marvac established in Warrington, Cheshire by Len Marsh
1978-Ba-Sir WH Bailey & Co Ltd becomes IMI Bailey Valves Ltd
1978-Bi/IMI-Samuel Birkett Ltd acquired by IMI
1981-IMI-IMI Bailey Valves Ltd merged with Samuel Birkett Ltd to form IMI Bailey Birkett Ltd
1983-Ms-Marston acquires Palmer Aero Products from BTR, changes name to Marston Palmer Ltd
1985-Ms-Marston Palmer Ltd acquired by IMI – becomes IMI Marston
1988-IMI-All Birkett operations consolidated to Sharp St.
1996-Mv/Wh-AG Marvac acquired by Whessoe
1997-Wh-Endress & Hauser acquires Whessoe Varec globally
1998-IMI/Am-IMI Bailey Birkett Ltd acquires Amal Ltd
2000-Ms-Marston acquired from IMI by Tyco
2001-IMI/TFC-Bailey Birkett Ltd acquired from IMI by Tyco Flow Control Ltd
2001-SSUK-Name changed to Safety Systems UK Ltd
2002-SSUK-Integration of Amal, Marvac, Whessoe, AGCO & Luceat at Sharp St.
2003-Ca-Safety Systems takes direct responsibility for Cash outside US
2004-SSUK-AGCO & Luceat relocated from Sharp St. to Griss
2005-AG-AGI integrated into Sharp St.
2012-SSUK/PE-Safety Systems UK Ltd acquired from Tyco by Pentair Ltd and operates under the Pentair Valves & Controls section of the business