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Cryogenic Application

Pressure reducing control and relief valves

When it makes financial and practical sense to store gas in its liquid state, maintaining the required temperature in storage is critical. CASH cryogenic relief valves help regulate temperature in special ‘dewar’ storage vessels.

Handling liquid gases

Many industrial gas companies now supply their gas in its liquefied state to provide storage and handling benefits to customers. Typically the liquid is then turned back to a gas on site, whenever demand is generated.

Many different gases can be supplied in a liquefied state, from fine industrial gases such as nitrogen, to medical gases such as oxygen.

Liquefied gas is stored in a ‘dewar’. A dewar can range from the size of a man to the size of a building and is designed like a highly specified Thermos flask – keeping heat out of the vessel while maintaining the cryogenic temperature inside.

There are various elements to a typical dewar; the pressure build circuit, the safety relief system, the economiser circuit and the final “house” supply line. The CASH range has products which are used in all of these areas.

CASH cryogenic relief valves

CASH cryogenic relief valves protect the dewar from over pressurisation.

The cash product range includes:

BIRKETT cryogenic relief valves

BAILEY & BIRKETT offer a range of cryogenic relief valves that protect liquefied gas during handling and storage.

The Birkett range includes:

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