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Flame protection: detonation (explosion)

Deflagration / detonation flame arresters

The risk of flammable liquids, gases and vapours exploding in storage or transport is one no-one can afford to take. AMAL Flame arresters provide the resistance required in detonation units confined in pipelines.

Explosion protection – for peace of mind, guaranteed

The risk of explosion when flammable liquids are stored, or flammable gases/vapours transported, must be eliminated. An AMAL Flame arresters should be used to ensure that, in the event of those materials igniting, detonation will not occur.

When a confined flammable gas or vapour ignites, the flame will travel along the pipe at brake neck speed, with devastating results. Detonation units are designed to handle supersonic speeds and the units are always confined in the pipeline.

AMAL explosion protection flame arresters

AMAL Flame arrester products include:

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