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Process inspection & sampling

Sight glass, gauge hatches and manways

In some industries, visual monitoring and sampling of key processes and products is essential. In these cases, protection from harm and waste is critical. BAILEY and MARVAC provide products to assist inspection and sampling of specialist processes and materials.

Process inspection & sampling made easier

The BAILEY 1001S Sight Glass  allows for all-round visibility within a pipeline, and is used where visual monitoring of key processes is essential, such as those within the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and drink industries. MARVAC gauge hatches and manways also allow tank access for product level measurement and sampling.

BAILEY sight glass

BAILEY 1001S sight glass protects hazardous substances and is suitable for temperatures up to 200° C. Its flanges are stainless steel and the glass is made from Borosilicate.

MARVAC gauge hatches and manways

The products which MARVAC provide to access  the vessel from the top for internal inspection are:

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