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Welcome to the brands homepage.

Our market-leading brands, BaileyBirkett, AmalMarston and Marvac, offer state-of-the-art protection for global pressure and flame protection requirements. Together, they offer our customers over 180 years’ of specialist expertise. 

  • Amal

    A complete range of in-line and end-of-line deflagration and detonation flame arresters for reliable protection against flames in hazardous environments.... Read more

  • Bailey

    A full range of pressure reducing / regulating valves and safety relief valves in bronze, iron or steel, for demanding... Read more

  • Birkett

    A comprehensive range of high performance pilot operated safety valves and spring loaded safety relief valves to protect plant and... Read more

  • Cash

    An extensive range of cryogenic relief valves and pressure regulating products to protect liquid gas applications in cryogenic systems. A... Read more

  • Marston

    A comprehensive selection of bursting discs and explosion vent panels for safe and instantaneous pressure and vacuum relief in an... Read more

  • Marvac

    An extensive range of products from pressure relief valves, vacuum relief valves, blanketing valves, emergency vents to gauge hatches, designed... Read more