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Bailey: Class F

Fire Hydrant Valves & Regulators

In a Direct Acting pressure reducing valve, the controlled pressure acts directly through a diaphragm or piston on an imposing force from a compressed helical spring.

The construction is simple and robust; such valves can provide long life with maintenance free operation, even under adverse working conditions.

The Class F Hose Pressure incorporates a spring loaded “balanced” pressure reducing valve combined with a hydrant stop valve, and is designed to protect a fire crew from excess pressure within the fire hose.

Designed to meet the needs of modern fire protection technology, the Class F maintains a uniform fire fighting pressure at every hydrant in a fire protection system, irrespective of location. Accurate pressure control is maintained despite varying flow levels and inlet pressures.

The Class F greatly reduces installation costs by completely eliminating expensive relief piping systems. Individual floor level pressure requirements met by quick and easy in-situ regulator adjustment.

High pressure fire systems are found in high rise buildings, as well as oil, gas and chemical facilities and floating production, storage and off-loading (FPSO) vessels. The Class F incorporates a seawater resistant trim standard, and is available in a wide variety of material options to suit particular applications.