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CASH cryogenic products

An extensive range of cryogenic relief valves and pressure regulating products to protect liquid gas applications in cryogenic systems.

A sister company of Bailey, Cash is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic relief valves, including pressure regulating valves, back pressure valves, final line gas valves and combination pressure build economiser valves to use in cryogenic gas applications. Cash has regulators for various elements of the cryogenic storage dewar, including the pressure build circuit, the safety relief system, the economiser circuit and the final line circuit (house line).

Cash cryogenic valves range in size from 1/8" to 2" for threaded NPT connections and up through 6 inches for flanged configurations and are available in iron, brass, bronze, carbon and stainless steel. The company also offers a wide selection of pressure reductions with initial inlets of 720 PSI and reductions from 1 to 400 PSI. Temperatures range from cryogenic up through 800°F.

CASH offers the following cryogenic control products:

  • Economiser Circuit
    • The economiser back pressure regulator is set from 10 to 25 PSI above the set pressure of the pressure build up regulator.When no gas is being used and heat leakage in the tank causes a gas pressure build up, the excess pressure is bypassed into the final vaporiser line to conserve gas rather than allow the safety valve relieve excess gas into the atmosphere
  • Final house supply:
    • This part of the system warms the liquid back to a gaseous state. There are times when it’s critical that the cold liquid does not enter the final house line, for example, oxygen supply to patients in a hospital. In this instance a low temperature cut off valve is required.
  • Pressure Build Circuit:
    • The dewar stores liquefied gas, heating this liquid in the pressure build coil changes its state to gas, which is then fed to the top of the dewar which pressurises the system. The pressure is used to deliver the liquefied gas to the vaporiser and hence the final house supply line.
  • Strainers:
    • These provide protection against the ingress or foreign materials in regulators and gauges etc.
  • Pressure Build Economiser Circuit:
    • Combination valves combine the function of back pressure regulators & economiser valves.
  • Safety Relief Valves:
    • The type C776 safety relief valve protects plant, equipment & personnel against the effects of exceeding safe pressure levels.

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