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MARSTON bursting discs & explosion vent panels

A comprehensive selection of bursting discs and explosion vent panels for safe and instantaneous pressure and vacuum relief in an ever increasing range of critical applications.

With over 50 years experience, MARSTON is a leading manufacturer of pressure relief and explosion protection devices, such as bursting discs (rupture discs) and explosion vent panels. MARSTON products provide safe and instantaneous pressure relief in a diverse range of critical applications in the offshore oil & gas + onshore oil & gaschemical and food processing industries, as well as venting systems and pharmaceutical technology.

MARSTON also offers a variety of technical resources including high temperature testing, helium leak testing, fluid flow and metallurgical laboratories, pressure cycling and radiographic inspection. All MARSTON products carry a wide range of approvals and comply with the most stringent international standards and customer specifications including ATEX and ASME “UD” certification.

MARSTON’s pressure relief solutions include:

  • Bursting discs: a non-reclosing device designed to burst or rupture at a predetermined pressure to protect plant, pipework or vessels from unacceptable levels of pressure or vacuum.
  • Conventional discs: often referred to as forward acting discs, conventional discs are ideal as a multipurpose and low cost solution in many applications.
  • Reverse buckling discs: these discs offer extended service life, particularly within pressure cycling duties, and are suitable in liquid, gas and steam applications.
  • Graphite discs: graphite discs provide effective low-pressure protection for highly corrosive process media applications.
  • Explosion vent panels: designed to provide low pressure protection against the effects of dust or gas explosion, explosion vent panels will almost instantaneously open a correctly sized panel in the event of an explosion to minimise the effects of the blast.

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