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Food and beverage production

Pressure relief valves, vacuum breather valves and deflagration / detonation flame arresters

MARVAC low pressure tank protection valves, in combination with BIRKETT Safety relief valves and BAILEY safety relief / pressure regulating valves, AMAL Flame arresters and MARSTON bursting discs and Explosion vent panels provide a full set of tank protection options for the food & beverage industry

Hygienic pressure relief

Industrial production and preparation of food and drink products requires adherence to the stringent safety standards of the food and beverage industry. Many processes, such as the filling and emptying of tanks, require effective pressure regulation to avoid overpressure and subsequent explosion.

BIRKETT and BAILEY have been producing hygienic safety valves for over 100 years, which have demonstrated proven reliability in the high pressure environments of the food and drink industry. MARVAC Tank blanketing valves, Gauge hatches provide vapour and fugitive emissions control in addition AMAL prevent fire and explosion through a range of AMAL Flame arresters.

BIRKETT safety relief / pressure relief valves

BIRKETT safety relief / pressure relief valves prevent damage to pipelines due to pressure build up. 

The Birkett Range includes:

BAILEY pressure reducing / regulating safety relief valves

BAILEY pressure reducing / regulating safety relief valves provide pressure regulation to protect from the effects of temperature changes. 

The Bailey Range includes:

MARVAC low pressure tank protection

MARVAC low pressure tank protection products prevent pressure building up and damaging pipes connected to the tanks. 

The Marvac range includes:

AMAL in line & end of line deflagration / detonation flame arresters

AMAL in line & end of line deflagration / detonation flame arresters prevent flames escaping from pipelines if material being carried is ignited. 

The Amal range includes:

MARSTON bursting / rupture discs and explosion vent panels

MARSTON bursting discs relieve dangerous build up of pressure, minimising the effects of an explosion. 

The Marston range includes:

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