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High pressure relief valves, thermal relief valves and deflagration / detonation flame arresters

BIRKETT Safety relief / pressure relief valves and AMAL Flame arresters reduce the risks associated with the high pressure and high temperature environment of the glass industry.

Reducing thermal stresses

There are numerous hazards within the glass industry, in particular during the glass forming process as it requires the handling of various binders, lubricating and mould release oils near the furnaces.

BIRKETT pressure regulating valves and Thermal relief valves protect pipes and pressure vessels against the effects of thermal expansion of process fluids. AMAL Flame arresters prevent the propagation of flames and reduce the risk of accidental ignition of vapours and gases.

BIRKETT safety relief / pressure relief valves

BIRKETT safety relief / pressure relief valves prevent damage to pipelines due to pressure build up. 

The Birkett Range includes:

AMAL in line & end of line deflagration / detonation flame arresters

AMAL in line & end of line deflagration / detonation flame arresters prevent flames escaping from pipelines if material being carried is ignited. 

The Amal range includes:

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