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Safety relief valves, thermal relief valves and deflagration / detonation flame arresters

BIRKETT, MARVAC, MARSTON and AMAL ensure safe in efficient operation of a wide variety of high pressure applications in the entire power industry.

Pressure control in power applications

Whether it’s nuclear, oil and gas, coal solar or geothermal, reliable pressure control and explosion prevention measures play an important role in the entire power industry. Safety Systems UK offers various products to regulate the pressure in a wide variety of steam, water and heat applications in power plants to ensure safer and more efficient operations.

 BIRKETT Safety relief / pressure relief valves protect turbines, tanks and boilers from overpressure and subsequent damage. MARVAC low pressure tank protection valves prevent pressure build up and reduce the emission of harmful fumes and gases. AMAL Flame arresters prevent flame propagation to protect fuel storage tanks and pipelines from explosion, while Marston bursting / rupture discs and explosion vent panels relieve excess pressure and protect against the effects of dust and gas explosions.

BIRKETT safety relief / pressure relief valves

BIRKETT safety relief / pressure relief valves prevent damage to pipelines due to pressure build up. 

The Birkett Range includes:

MARVAC low pressure tank protection

MARVAC low pressure tank protection products prevent pressure building up and damaging pipes connected to the tanks. 

The Marvac range includes:

AMAL in line & end of line flame arresters

AMAL in line & end of line deflagration / detonation flame arresters prevent flames escaping from pipelines if material being carried is ignited. 

The Amal range includes:

MARSTON bursting / rupture discs and explosion vent panels

MARSTON bursting discs relieve dangerous build up of pressure, protecting pipework. 

The Marston range includes:

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