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PTA (purified terephthalic acid)

Pressure relief valves, vacuum breather valves and deflagration / detonation flame arresters

BIRKETT, MARVAC and AMAL protect high temperature applications in PTA processing plants from overpressure, fire propagation and explosion.

Products that can take the heat

The production of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) involves a number of high temperature and high pressure processes, such as polymerisation, which can pose a serious explosion risk if left uncontrolled.

BIRKETT Safety relief / pressure relief valves and MARVAC low pressure tank protection valves protect process equipment, such as oxidation reactors and storage tanks from excessive internal pressures. When fitted onto pipes and tanks, AMAL Flame arresters provide reliable protection against flame propagation and explosions.

BIRKETT safety relief / pressure relief valves

BIRKETT safety relief / pressure relief valves prevent damage to pipelines due to pressure build up. 

The Birkett Range includes:

MARVAC low pressure tank protection

MARVAC low pressure tank protection products prevent pressure building up and damaging pipes connected to the tanks. 

The Marvac range includes:

AMAL in line & end of line deflagration / detonation flame arresters

AMAL in line & end of line deflagration / detonation flame arresters prevent flames escaping from pipelines if material being carried is ignited. 

The Amal range includes:

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